Royal Thai Modern Massage with Hot Oil (Full Body)

A deeply therapeutic holistic treatment, combining the power of essential oils with the best of Eastern massage techniques..

60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Herbal Scrub and Body Wrap

60 min R400

Royal Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage releases the sluggish flow of the blood and built up toxins that gather in tired or overworked muscles and has an ability to heal, relax and realign the body.

60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Herbal Scrub

60 min R300.00

Royal Thai Compressed Herbal Massage

A traditional Thai remedy for tired, aching muscles. Specially blended Thai herbs are applied with hot herbal compressed ball to relieve aches and pains.

60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Relaxing Face Massage

Relieves tension, restores energy to the face and stimulates blood flow in facial tissue, restoring a healthy glow.

30 min R170.00 or 45 min R270.00

Royal Thai Four Hands Massage

A heavenly, rhythmic massage performed by two therapists. Long soothing, synchronized strokes gently lull you into deep relaxation and sensory bliss.

60 min R550.00 or 90 min R770.00

Royal Thai Pre-Natal Massage

This massage has been especially designed for mums-to-be using advanced massage techniques. It will comfort and relax you at this special time.

60 min R330.00

Royal Thai Sports Massage

Full body strong massage with oil and balm to relieve the tensed and tightened muscles from sports activities, using Thai hand and elbow techniques.

60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Baby Massage

A casual massage for children to soothe their whole body. It makes them feel pampered and loved.

15 min R110.00

Tensed Back Massage

A Thai massage of the entire back, which is one of the favorite treatments for those who spend their days at the office and who needs a remedy for their stiff or aching back muscles.

30 min R170.00, 45 min R270.00 or 60 min R330.00

Royal Thai Stress and Detoxifying Treatment

A light pressure, stimulating massage using classic lymphatic techniques to help drain excess fluids, which in turn helps the body to eliminate toxins.

60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Head and Shoulder Massage

Focusing on the head, neck, shoulders and upper back, this massage uses Oriental techniques to relieve stress and tension.

30 min R170.00, 60 min R330.00 or 90 min R440.00

Royal Thai Ayurvedic Head Massage

A traditional Ayurvedic oil massage for the head which promotes restful sleep, relieves stress and clears the mind.

30 min R170.00

Royal Thai Reflexology

The nerve reflexes in the foot correspond to all major organs. Massaging over these points help to restore balance and harmony to the whole body.

30 min R170.00, 45 min R250.00 or 60 min R300.00

Royal Thai Full arms & Hands Massage

A form of reflexology in which parts of the hands are rubbed with fingers knuckles to stimulate nerve ends for various organs.

30min R170 45min R250

Royal Thai Full leg Massage

Massages techniques drawn from Thai traditions are used on the feet ,leg and thighs. It improves blood circulation.

30min R170 45min R270 60min R330

Royal Thai Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. By using deep finger pressure, firm strokes. It is used  to treat a variety of physical ailments. Deep tissue helps ease tension and stress. Helps with chronic pains.

30min R250 60min R450

Royal Thai Hot Stone Massage

Harmonize your mind and body with this ancient healing practice, using warm stones as therapeutic instrument. Heated volcanic stones penetrate deep into your muscles to melt away all stress and tension.

30min R250 60min R450 90min R650



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